By Marini Lee  |  Updated: March 03, 2019

There are considerable advantages and benefits to be gained by using the services of a health tourism referral agency or facilitator which can save you time and also possibly some expense in the long run. The following are benefits you gain by engaging a medical facilitator:

1. General Information

Medical tourism facilitators have adequate experience in the healthcare tourism process and can address all concerns and questions that the ‘would be’ medical travelers may have.

2. Familiarity with the Medical Centers

Medical tourism agencies are familiar with the medical facilities and providers they are working with. They are well informed about the medical provider’s certifications, type of facilities and other factors critical in choosing the medical center.

3. One-stop Information Centre

The convenience of being able to choose and access information about a variety of hospitals, procedures, and services. Users can come to a medical tourism facilitator’s website and request a price estimate for a particular procedure from several different hospitals or clinics, and then choose which provider better serves their needs and budget.

4. Established relationships with international providers

Medical Tourism Facilitators, have already done the groundwork to make sure your chosen hospital and doctor are accredited and safe to work with. The best case scenario is that they have visited your chosen hospital and already have a system in place to make your Medical Tourism Trip process is a smooth one.

5. Language and culture barriers are usually not an issue

Contacting some international hospitals can be challenging due to time zone differences, language barriers, and cultural differences. As shown above, medical tourism facilitators already have the right contacts and a Medical Tourism Trip/medical tourism process in place with your international hospital.

~ Marini Lee is an author, editor and digital strategist specializing in health and lifestyle content.


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